Great Depression & World War II Leeland School

Leeland School

Leeland School was standing at the juncture of Morton and Leland Roads. It was first used as a “white” school.”  By 1937 it was closed.  That same year there was a  flood on the Rappahannock River that destroyed the “Falmouth Elementary Colored School” which was located on River Road in south Stafford. Immediately, some of the children were transferred to the Union Branch School which was located on Hollywood Farm Road. The Union Branch School was very small and overcrowded.  The county closed it during the summer of 1939 and transferred the students to Leeland School.  Thereafter, the school was known as the “Leeland Colored School.” It, like most of Stafford Schools at that time, had no plumbing or electricity. It held grades from one to six. It had an accordian-type moveable wall in the center which when closed would make it two rooms. It closed at the end of the school year in 1954.  Later it was used as a storage facility.  Today only a few cinder blocks remain of its foundation.