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Stafford Stories

Explore the stories and images of Stafford County. These stories are part of the history of a county, then a state, then a nation. It’s all connected. Stafford’s stories are America’s stories.


Explore and experience Stafford’s history during the Revolutionary War period using Virtual Reality.

Historical Figure of the Week

Charles W. Schooler

Born 1840 – Died 1910

Charles W. Schooler was the son of John P. Schooler (1812-1875) and Laurinda Jones (1815-1870) of Stafford County, Virginia. During the War Between the States, he served as a private in Capt. James D. Bruce’s Company of the 47th Virginia Infantry. He was a color bearer and according to his veteran’s papers “bore the colors with distinguished gallantry in every battle from Seven Pines to Chancellorsville where he was wounded through one of his legs or arms. From the time he was wounded there has been no regular color bearer to the Regt. and he a few days ago received a transfer to cavalry.” Charles married Virginia C. Watts (1848-1903). He was a constable in the Aquia Township in 1870, 1887, and 1888 and, possibly, in other years, as well. Charles employed himself as a fisherman and died at his home near Brooke. At the time of his death, he was listed in the county court records as a pauper.

History in Stafford

Explore the past with our interactive historical map, featuring artifacts and locations throughout history. Zoom in to discover more information and click on markers to learn more about specific time periods and places.

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