Great Depression & World War II Berea School

Berea School

Berea School was built in the 1930s and was larger than most, as it contained three classrooms, a closet, and three brick flues. The largest classroom was 66 x 30. The school contained grades one through five. It served as a “white” school until 1958 and was closed in preparation to make it a “colored” school. Plumbing for 100 was installed.  It served as a “colored” school for only around two years.

Located at the corner of Berea Church and Fleet Roads, it was purchased by the Berea Baptist Church in 1968.  Walls were removed and the interior became a 36 x 120 foot room.  It has been used as a teen center with pool tables and even contained a volleyball net.  Currently it is used as a fellowship hall and on Sundays used as a place of worship by the Korean Presbyterian Church.