Great Depression & World War II Falmouth High School

Falmouth High School

This is Falmouth High School in 1935.  But this structure, located by Warrenton Road northwest of Falmouth, has had a very interesting and complex history. Prior to 1931, white students in southern Stafford attended high school in Fredericksburg.  In 1931, this structure was constructed enabling these students to attend school locally.  The building had 15 classrooms and an area for gym classes and assemblies.  In 1952, after Stafford High School opened, the building became Gari Melchers Elementary School.  It remained that until 1965 when the elementary school closed and those students moved to existing elementary schools.  The facility changed names again becoming T. Benton Gayle Junior High School.  It was named after Mr. Gayle who had been Superintendent of Schools for 40 years.  Eight new buildings were added like a campus with walkways connecting one to the other.  This made a total of 24 classrooms including an industrial arts shop, gym, and band room.  There was yet another name change, for in 1976 the facility became Gayle Middle School.  In 1989 air conditioning was added.  In 2002 the middle school students moved to a new facility in northwest Stafford.  Today the school is called Gari Melchers Complex and is used as a Head Start facility.


2018 – 50 year anniversary