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Historic Resources Survey Report of Stafford County

In November 1991 the Stafford County Planning Department contracted with Traceries and
PMA Consulting Services to conduct a survey of the county’s historic resources and prepare an
archaeological assessment report. Traceries, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm
concerned with architectural history and preservation, provided overall management of the
survey, conducted the archival research and on-site survey, and prepared the final report. PMA,
a planning and architecture firm specializing in preservation planning, prepared a preservation
planning component for the final report and Mr. Mike Barber, archaeologist with Preservation
Technologies, was subcontracted by Traceries to prepare the archaeological assessment report.
The goal of the project was to conduct a comprehensive survey of Stafford County, identifying
the area’s historic resources including buildings, structures, and sites 50 years old or older. The
contract required Traceries to survey and document 300 of these identified properties–250 to a
reconnaissance level and 50 to an intensive level. The principal purpose of the project was to
provide the county with an accurate listing and assessment of the area’s resources in order to
ensure that future development is planned in a way that protects resources of historic

The scope of work included the following activities:

  1. provide survey forms completed to the appropriate levels along with photographs for each surveyed property;
  2. provide narrative and statistical architectural descriptions of the properties surveyed;
  3. place the surveyed properties within the historical context of the growth and development of Stafford County as based on the historic themes recognized by VDHR;
  4. evaluate the significance of these resources and make recommendations for potential National Register Nominations and local historical districts;
  5. provide an archaeological assessment report serving as a management tool for the county;
  6. provide recommendations on further study and preservation planning that may be used by the county in the preparation of a preservation component for the Comprehensive Plan.