National Expansion & Reform Nathaniel Waller Ford (1820-1880)

Nathaniel Waller Ford (1820-1880)

Nathaniel Waller Ford (1820-1880), who signed his personal letters “Waller,” was the son of Capt. William Ford (1788-1834) and Elizabeth Allen Hore (1792-1822) of Stafford. Nathaniel married Margaret Ursula Waller (1821-1901) of Bloomington.

Part of the Bloomington tract is now occupied by Patawomeck Park in Widewater. In 1843, Nathaniel purchased Woodstock on Aquia Creek. Part of this farm is now occupied by that section of Aquia Harbour subdivision that stands on the north side of the creek.

Nathaniel was a magistrate in Stafford from at least 1863 through his unexpected death in 1880. He also served in various other capacities in county government including being a Registrar and Commissioner of Elections and an Overseer of the Road. He represented the Aquia Township on the Board of Supervisors in 1870 when that entity was first created. In addition to farming, Nathaniel sold cordwood and seems to have had his own schooner on which he shipped it to market.

Elizabeth Allen Ford (1856-1938)

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Allen Ford was the daughter of Nathaniel Waller Ford (1820-1880) and Margaret Ursula (Waller) Ford (1821-1901).  Elizabeth married her neighbor, George Vowles Moncure, Jr. (1854-1939), of Chelsea (now the site of the Chelsea Manor subdivision in Wide Water) and they resided at Bloomington. Both are buried at Aquia Church. Many of their relatives remain in Stafford.

Elizabeth Allen Ford