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Fitzhugh Lee

Gen. Fitzhugh Lee (1835-1905)—was the son of Sidney Smith Lee (1802-1869) and nephew of Gen. Robert E. Lee. In 1861 Fitz Lee joined the Confederate cavalry as a lieutenant and fought at the First Battle of Manassas. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel later in 1861 and to brigadier general in 1862. At the close of the Civil War, the Smith Lee’s family had lost everything. Family friend, Anna Maria Fitzhugh, allowed them to live at Richland, a farm she owned in Stafford. After Smith’s death, Fitzhugh Lee continued farming at Richland and Mrs. Fitzhugh willed the property to him and his brothers. Fitz continued in residence at Richland until becoming Governor of Virginia in 1886. He held this office until 1890. After the war, Fitz traveled and gave speeches helping Southerners accept the war’s outcome. He also served as a general in the Spanish American War.