Civil War & Reconstruction Civil War Stafford's Confederate Year Captain (Later Major) Charles Jones Green of Falmouth

Captain (Later Major) Charles Jones Green of Falmouth

About 1,000 of Stafford’s Confederates (41 % of the white males) served primarily in the 9th Virginia Cavalry and the 30th, 40th, 47th, and 55th Virginia Infantry Regiments, as well as the Fredericksburg Artillery and the Stafford Light Artillery. These units all served in Stafford during the Confederate Year of April 1861-April 1862 as part of the Potomac-Rappahannock Line. In Stafford camps, such as Camp Clifton for the 47th Virginia and Fredericksburg Artillery, camps on Marlborough Peninsula for the 30th, and in the Brooke area for the 40th Virginia Regiments, they learned to drill and maneuver and worked out the minutiae of military security and administration. These units also provided detailed soldiers to man artillery pieces on the river line.

Captain (later Major) Charles Jones Green of Falmouth, 47th Virginia Infantry is one of these Confederates.

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