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April 2024

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Images of Falmouth

Apothecary, Falmouth c. 1930 Austin Boutchyard House, Falmouth US1, c.1930 Forbes House, Falmouth Falls cottage, Falmouth Brooks House (Cotton Warehouse), c.1930 Gordon Gray Law Ofc (The Manor), Falmouth c. 1930 Payne House, Falmouth c. 1930 Customs House, Falmouth c.1930 DeShields House, Falmouth c. 1930 Dunbar Quarters and Carlton c. 1920 Dunbar Quarters, Falmouth c. 1930…

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WWII Photos

Photos of Stafford residents and artifacts from WWII: Frank White, Sr.circa 1942. Frank White, Sr was instrumental in establishing a chapter of the NAACP in Stafford. C. Snellings, WWII, Falmouth, VPF 104 WWII Postal Covers WWII rationing book WWII Salvage Notice  

Scott’s Bridge

Scott’s Bridge Since the body of water known as the Rappahannock River separated two important areas of commerce and trade, it had, of course, to be crossed constantly. The Indians had their canoes and the early settlers had their boats and ferries. The first bridge was built about 1800 and was referred to as Scott’s…