Figure of the Week

Elias A. W. Hore

Born 1821 - Died c.1891

Elias A(llen?) W(aller?) Hore was the son of Walter Hore (1781-1858) and Margaret E. Combs (c.1784-1859) of Stafford County, Virginia.  He was a merchant and fisherman.  In 1870, he purchased the old Dipple plantation located at the junction of Chappawamsic Creek and the Potomac River.  Here he operated a seine fishery and probably a store, though the long suffered from financial problems.  Elias seems never to have married.  In 1871, a newspaper announced, “E. A. W. Hore, of Stafford county, Va., will be absent from the State a few months on business.  A letter will reach him at San Francisco, California” (Alexandria Gazette, July 25, 1871).  Elias was very involved in Stafford County affairs and held a variety of public offices.  He was a deputy sheriff in 1843 and 1853 and possibly other years, as well.  He served as sheriff from at least 1859 to 1868.  In 1860, Elias was overseer of the road “from Withers Waller’s gate to E. A. W. Hore’s gate.”  In 1862, he served as Crier of Elections for the Stafford Courthouse Precinct.  For a number of years, he was crier of the county and circuit courts and in 1864 and 1865 was named Salt Agent for Stafford.