Figure of the Week

Beverley W. Irvine

Born 1841 - Died 1922

Beverley W. Irvine was the son of William Irvine (c.1806-1887) of Stafford County, Virginia.  The Irvine family resided at Hartwood, the lovely brick home still standing on the southwest side of Warrenton Road (U. S. Route 17) near Hartwood Presbyterian Church.  Beverley married Betty Lucas Bullard (1835-1891), the daughter of Richard Woolfolk Bullard.  After the close of the War Between the States, he taught school for many years.  In 1870, Beverley served as Collector of Taxes for the Hartwood Township.  In 1907, he was secretary of the Hartwood Telephone Company.  On June 19, 1909, the Stafford County Court adjudged Beverley insane and sent him to Western State Hospital.