Figure of the Week

Elliott Thompson Jett

Born 1869 - Died 1940

Dr. Elliott Thompson Jett (1869-1940) was the son of Elliott Berryman Jett (1840-1882) and Mary Elizabeth Sullivan of Falmouth.  He graduated from the University of Virginia and did post-graduate work in North Carolina and New York City.  He never married and lived in his parents’ home in Falmouth with a bachelor brother and two sisters.  Edward practiced medicine on the ground floor of the house and the entrance to his office was via a door below the main level.  This building is now occupied by Gordon Gay’s law office.  The logs from what’s known today as Hobby School were stored for an unknown number of years in Dr. Jett’s barn behind the house.  In the 1930s, these were pulled from the barn and reassembled to make the little log structure now standing to the immediate north  of Union Church.  Exactly where the log building stood originally isn’t known, but Dr. Jett allowed the logs to be stored in his barn for many years and the oral history is that George Washington attended classes in the building.  In 1900, Dr. Elliott T. Jett was a member of the Stafford County Board of Health.