Figure of the Week

Dade Hooe

Born c.1808 - Died 1881

Dade Hooe (c.1808-1881) was the son of Dade Hooe (1757-1837) and Nancy James (c.1760-1833:37) and was born in Prince William County.  From his aunt, he inherited a large tract of land that includes what are now the sites of the Log Cabin Restaurant, the Stafford Regional Jail, and the Route 630/Interstate 95 interchange.  By Hannah/Henrietta Greenhow (c.1822-1887), Dade had a large family.  This was just one of several interracial families in nineteenth century Stafford County.  In 1865, Dade Hooe was overseer of the road “from Stafford Court House to Accakeek run.”  He served as one of the county election officers during the 1870s.  The site of the Hooe/Greenhow home seems to have been destroyed by construction of Interstate 95 in the 1960s.  A number of the Greenhow descendants remain in Stafford today.