The New Nation Birthstone of the Nation Aquia Stone in use from 1690 - 1931

Aquia Stone in use from 1690 - 1931

For almost a century, 1694 – 1791,  Aquia stone was quarried from Brent’s Island to assist in the construction of homes, buildings, bridges as well as in the creative arts like mantles and gravestones. After the U.S. Government purchased the island in 1791, most of the stone created the President’s House and U.S. Capitol.  Capitol columns were probably the last things that were removed from the island in the 1820s.  A hundred years later, another Stafford quarry, Rock Rimmon, was opened up in the 1920s and called the George Washington Stone Corporation and contributed stone for architectural purposes as well as historic steps.  The following pictures show structures containing Aquia stone and are listed in chronological order of their construction.