Colonial Settlement Potomac Church

Potomac Church

One of the parish churches in Stafford was the Potomac Church.  It was for many years the primary church for Overwharton Parish.  It remained the parish church until Aquia Church was completed in 1757, at which time that became the primary church.

Potomac Church was one of the largest colonial churches and was probably constructed around the time that Stafford was formed, 1664.  It was constructed of brick and measured 60 x 80 feet.

The church was damaged and burned by the British during the War of 1812.  During the American Civil War, many of its bricks were used for the construction of the Potomac Creek Bridge, or the bridge that President Lincoln called, “The Beanpoles and Cornstalks Bridge.”

Potomac Church seems to have been sold around 1804 as part of the post-Revolution Disestablishment because by 1813 it and the land on which it stood were sold as part of what became known as the Potomac Silk Farm.