Colonial Settlement Alexander Scott

Alexander Scott

Alexander Scott (1686-1738)—was rector (minister) of Overwharton Parish from 1706 until his death in 1738. Alexander followed John Waugh (1630-1706) as rector of Overwharton. Scott was born in Dipple Parish, Scotland and named his Stafford farm Dipple. This stood at the junction of Chappawamsic Creek and the Potomac River. During the years that Scott lived and worked in Stafford, this area was very much a wilderness and Stafford had no known western boundary. One of his reports stated “The bounds [of the parish] is not known, it being a frontier parish but it inhabited near 80 miles in length and in some places near 3 miles, in other near 20 miles in breadth and about 650 families.” In 1724 he reported to the Bishop of London that about 650 families lived in Overwharton Parish, there were about 80-100 communicants, and the parish contained one church and several chapels. At this time the parish church was Potomac Church, which had been built around 1665 and was located where Brooke Road (Rt. 608) crosses Potomac Run. The northern end of his parish was near what is now Anacostia.