Colonial Settlement Falmouth Images of Falmouth

Images of Falmouth

Apothecary, Falmouth c. 1930
Austin Boutchyard House, Falmouth US1, c.1930
Forbes House, Falmouth
Falls cottage, Falmouth
Brooks House (Cotton Warehouse), c.1930
Gordon Gray Law Ofc (The Manor), Falmouth c. 1930
Payne House, Falmouth c. 1930
Customs House, Falmouth c.1930
DeShields House, Falmouth c. 1930
Dunbar Quarters and Carlton c. 1920
Dunbar Quarters, Falmouth c. 1930
Gordon Green Terrace (Saml. Gordon) c.1930
Gordon Green Terrace (Saml Gordon), Falmouth, 1961
Gordon Green Terrace c. 1930
Gordon Green Terrace winter pre-US1
Jennie Bryant’s House, Falmouth c. 1930
Jett Barn, Falmouth c.1930
Stowe House, Falmouth c. 1930
Eddie Young House, Falmouth c.1930
Eddie Young House, Falmouth c. 1930
Falmouth House and Market c.1930
Frank Hill Store, Falmouth c. 1930
Poss Basil Keiger House Ruin c.1930