Figure of the Week

Kendrick Bowers Combs

Born c.1857 - Died 1912

Kendrick Bowers Combs (c.1857-1912) was the son of David Wickliffe Combs (1816-1889) of Stafford County, Virginia.  In 1882 Kendrick married Delsey F. Briggs (1864-1941), the daughter of Winnie B. Briggs.  Kendrick operated a sawmill in Stafford.  On Aug. 16, 1880, he conveyed to George M. Weedon, trustee, his “sawmill, carriages & fixtures,” log carrier, oxen, and chains to secure a debt of $437.50 due the Cooper Manufacturing Company.  This company  made steam engines.  Kendrick B. Combs served as Commissioner of the Revenue in Stafford from 1882 through 1894.  In 1910, he claimed a Homestead exemption listing fifty acres near Tackett’s Mills, 2 horses, 1 colt, 3 cattle, 2 hogs, 15 barrels of corn, “fodder, blades, shucks, and hay,” and an assortment of household and kitchen furniture.  He died at the age of 55 from an overdose of laudanum.