Figure of the Week

Henry Rowzee Conway

Born 1825 - Died 1863

Henry Rowzee Conway (1825-1863) was the son of John Moncure Conway (1779-1864), clerk of the Stafford County and Circuit Courts.  Henry married Elizabeth Griffin Chinn, the daughter of John Leroy Chinn (1795-1854) of Lancaster County, Virginia.  John M. Conway had owned the rather large Garrard tract situated on the east side of U. S. Route 1 and bounded on the north and south by Hope road (Route 687) and Old Potomac Church Road.  The present Stafford Hospital occupied part of this tract.  Henry L. Conway predeceased his father who devised to Henry’s heirs the house in which he had resided “and called ‘The Cottage’ with the grounds and appurtenances.”  The site of Henry’s cottage seems now to be occupied by the house formerly used by Albert H. Jacoby as a law office.  It is located at 1311 Courthouse Road and across this road from Covenant Funeral Home.  Henry R. Conway served as Deputy Clerk of Court in Stafford County, Virginia from at least 1842 to 1851, working under his father.  From 1852 until his death in 1863, he was Clerk of Court for Stafford.