Figure of the Week

Dr. Alexander H. Fitzhugh

Born 1786 - Died 1847

Dr. Alexander H. Fitzhugh (1786-1847) was the son of Thomas Fitzhugh (1760-1820) of Boscobel, Stafford County.  He was born on that farm and in 1815 married Eliza Gibbs Clare of Clarke County, Virginia.  During the 1840s, Alexander operated a blacksmith’s shop in Falmouth.  One of his advertisements reads, “The Subscriber will carry on the Blacksmith Business in the town of Falmouth, the present year, at the Stand lately occupied by Messrs. Mason and Slaughter.  Several excellent Smiths have been procured by  him, and all Work will be executed in the best manner, and on the usual terms” (Political Arena, Feb. 2, 1841).  Alexander H. Fitzhugh lived in Falmouth about where the old Falmouth Post Office building still stands.