The Post War United States Stafford High School

Stafford High School

The first Stafford High School opened in 1926. The school was located near the Stafford County Courthouse in what is now part of the Alvin York Bandy Administrative Complex. In 1952 Stafford High School and Falmouth High School merged into one school. Prior to the merge, the mascots for the respective schools were the “Pioneers” and the “Indians.” While Stafford High School was retained as the official name for the school, the mascot chosen was the “Indians.” The combined school was located in what is now Edward E. Drew, Jr. Middle School. It was the only Stafford County high school from 1952 until 1981, when North Stafford High School was opened.

In 1975, Stafford High School moved to 33 Stafford Indian Lane. This building was built with an experimental open concept design and thus had no windows and open classrooms that later had to be divided up with thin walls to make individual classrooms. A new building began construction in June 2013 just behind the existing school. The new Stafford High School opened to students on September 14, 2015. With the move to the new school, the address changed to 63 Stafford Indian Lane.

On September 5, 1961, Doretha and Cynthia Montague, enrolled in the first and third grades and integrated Stafford schools by entering Stafford Elementary School (today’s Bandy Building). Almost a year later, on August 26, 1962, 34 eleventh and twelfth grade students were transferred to Stafford High School en masse. Integration was completed by 1964, a decade after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but reportedly the first school system to integrate in the region.

Stafford High School 1940
Stafford High School (1940s)
1940 boy’s basketball team
1940s Stafford HS Girl’s Basketball Team
1945 Stafford HS Girl’s Basketball team
Indian Legend staff of Falmouth High School, 1948. Included are Becky Lou Allensworth, Dorothy Barbour, Sara Bell, Hilda Dodd, Glenna English, Sally Monroe, Jean Patton, Robert Patton, Albert Pitts, Nancy Price, Joseph Rodgers, Katherine Rose, Connie Snellings, Shirley Snellings, and Felix Torrice.
Courtesy Central Rappahannock Heritage Center.
1940s staff
Drama Club
Stafford Schools, Bandy Building 1950s


Stafford High Maintenance Bldg 1959
Stafford High Shop 1961
May Court 1933
Stafford High School May Queen 1939
May Day 1951
Janet Jones reacts as she’s announced as the junior winner of the Fredericksburg Fair pagent in 1958. Ruth “Cy” Harris, Stafford High School student from the class of 1961 is identified to the left of Janet.