Langley Aerodrome Experience

Thursday, May 16th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

With Chris Hornung

Join Chris for an informative presentation on the Langley Aerodrome Experience featuring the Aerodrome No. 5 reproduction, interactive historical and educational programming, and a discussion on the process in bringing the attraction to fruition.

The Langley Aerodrome Experience is the cornerstone of the Langley Foundation’s mission to educate the public on Virginia’s rich aviation history, to encourage students to pursue STEM education and aviation-based careers, and to help attract new aviation-based employers and technology to Virginia and the Stafford County region.

The purpose of the project is to rescue a forgotten achievement in Virginia and U.S. history from obscurity and to use the retelling of its story to reconnect with our past, appreciate mankind’s ability to change the world for good, and to inspire us all to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

Important Notes about this program:

  • This program will be held at the Stafford Airport and not at the usual Stafford County Administration Center.
  • This is an in-person presentation only!  We will not be live-streaming or recording this presentation.  Please be sure to mark your calendar and plan to attend in person so you don’t miss out.