Figure of the Week

William Joseph Wallis

Born 1855 - Died 1930

William J. Wallis was the son of Alfred Wickliffe Wallis (1823-1894) who came to Stafford County, Virginia around 1870 from Canada. The family settled on Windsor Forest, the old Downman family farm on the southwest side of Garrisonville Road (Route 610) between Joshua Road (Route 643) and Rock Hill Church Road (Route 644). The eastern part of this farm is now a subdivision by the same name, but the house, which survives, is now surrounded by Willowmere Park off Mountain View Road (Route 627). On July 21, 1893 William J. Wallis became a U. S. citizen in the Stafford Court. He was a member of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors from 1894-1896.