Figure of the Week

Thomas Cropper Scott

Born 1791 - Died 1857

Thomas Cropper Scott (1791-1857) was the only son of Ann Taylor (died c.1838) and an unknown Scott.  Ann married secondly Joseph Browne (died 1806).  Thomas was a merchant in Falmouth and resided at Clearview.  He operated a store on the corner of Washington and Cambridge Streets and had another store on White Ridge road, which is now that part of Garrisonville Road as it enters Fauquier County.  Thomas married Mary Lucinda Seddon (died 1846), the daughter of Thomas Seddon (1779-1831) of Stafford County.  The 1830 census listed Thomas C. Scott with 18 enslaved people.  In 1843 he paid taxes on 7 enslaved people, 5 horses, 1 metal clock, 1 “common silver watch,” 353 acres in Stafford, and 15 lots in the town of Falmouth.  Thomas C. Scott was a veteran of the War of 1812 and owned land in Kentucky as well as in Prince William and Stafford Counties.