Figure of the Week

Thomas Barrett Conway

Born 1779 - Died 1825

Thomas Barrett Conway (1779-1825) was the illegitimate son of Ketura Barret (1746-1794) and Thomas Conaway of Stafford.  His name at birth was Thomas Conway Barret, but he later changed this to Thomas Barrett Conway.  Thomas inherited one of the freestone quarries at Rock Rimmon on Aquia Creek.  He ran this for many years, though he lived for some while at Ryefield in Goochland County.  In the 1820s Thomas supplied freestone for use at the University of Virginia.  In 1813 he married Eliza Newton (1797-1814), the daughter of Isaac Newton (c.1745-1838) of Little Falls in lower Stafford County.  She died at age 18 just ten weeks after giving birth to her only child and is buried in Richmond,  Virginia.  Thomas was buried with his mother and several other relatives at Rock Rimmon.