Figure of the Week

Thomas Alcock

Born 1744 - Died 1834


Thomas Alcock (1744-1834) was the son of William Alcock (died 1768) of Caroline County. Like his father, Thomas was involved in Caroline County affairs, serving as tobacco inspector at Roy’s Warehouse in 1778. In 1772 he married Fanny Hackett who seems to have died shortly thereafter. His second wife was Anne Roane (c,1757-1836) of Caroline County. Thomas was a veteran of the American Revolution, having served in Col. Philip Buckner’s company. Sometime prior to 1797 Thomas and Anne moved to Stafford. In 1798 he acquired Spotted Tavern, a long established facility that catered to people traveling between Fauquier County and the Falmouth-Fredericksburg area. Thomas also owned what became known as Alcock’s Mill, both the tavern and mill being located off Spotted Tavern Road (Route 614) in Stafford. He bred fine racehorses, a very popular activity amongst the affluent.