Figure of the Week

Lewis K. Knight

Born c.1820 - Died 1893

Lewis K(enneth?) Knight was the son of William Knight (before 1775-c.1830) and Glady Fritter (c.1780-c.1857) of Stafford. Just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Lewis was arrested for the murder of Elijah A. Ennis (c.1826-c.1860). The county court gave him the option of serving in the Confederate army or being tried for murder. He chose military service with the understanding that if he survived the war he would be free. He did survive and lived in Stafford for the remainder of his life. He seems to have supported himself by farming and by helping his son, Capt. John Wesley Knight (1846-1937), with his timber business.

Lewis’ farm is now part of Embrey Mill subdivision and the developer restored his house. Notice that the main body of the chimney is built of blocks of Aquia freestone. The foundation, not visible on this side of the house, is also of freestone. Although this part of Stafford is some two miles from Aquia Creek, it abounds with Aquia stone that was not only used locally for chimneys, foundations, steps, and gravestones, but was also sold and shipped to Washington for the construction of the public buildings there.