Figure of the Week

James Wilson Schooler

Born 1824 - Died 1916

James Wilson Schooler was the son of Thomas E. Schooler (c.1787-1861) and was born in Stafford County, Virginia. In 1850, he was living in the household of William Irvine (c.1806-1887) in the Hartwood area of the county. During the War Between the States, he served in the 30th Virginia Infantry. In 1882, he was overseer of the road “from Grayson’s Shop to Hartwood Church and from Hartwood Church to Christies.” James W. Schooler was a constable from at least 1865 to 1867. In 1915 James, then 91 years of age and “at present an inmate of the Soldiers’ Home, Richmond,” attended a Confederate reunion in Fredericksburg, Virginia where he marched in the parade. James made a habit of returning to Fredericksburg each year to enjoy the fair. He did so in 1916, celebrated his 92nd birthday while there, and the following day suffered a massive stroke. He died and was buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Fredericksburg.