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Harrison Brockenbrough Barnes

Born 1813 - Died 1887

Harrison B. Barnes (1813-1887) was the son of Newman Brockenbrough Barnes (born c.1743) and Lucy Harrison Ball (1772-1799) of Richmond County, Virginia.  He lived most of his life in Stafford County, Virginia.  During the War Between the States, Harrison served with the 47th Virginia Infantry.  In 1850 he married Frances Lucy Peyton Conway (1822-1896), the daughter of Stafford Clerk of Court, John Moncure Conway (1779-1864).  Harrison B. Barnes kept a store in Falmouth, though he lived for an unknown number of years near Stafford Courthouse, possibly on land belonging to his father-in-law.  While in Falmouth, he and several unmarried sisters occupied the Barnes House on Washington Street.  In 1843 Harrison was Tax Collector for Falmouth.  In 1860 he was a Census Enumerator.  He served as a county land assessor in 1870 and as Aquia Township Clerk from at least 1871 to 1874.  Harrison and Frances were buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia.