Figure of the Week

George Frazier Vowles Moncure

Born 1826 - Died 1901

George Frazier Vowles Moncure (1826-1901), whose name often appears as George Vowles Moncure or George V. Moncure, was the son of John Moncure (1793-1876) of Woodbourne, Stafford County, Virginia.  George was born at Somerset and resided at Chelsea, both of these farms being in the Wide Water area of Stafford.  In 1849 he married Mary Conway Ashby (1830-1897), the daughter of Col. Turner Ashby (1789-1835) and Dorothea Farrar Green (1789-1862) of Rosebank, Fauquier County.  Mary was the sister of Confederate Gen. Turner Ashby (1826-1862).  George V. Moncure served as clerk of the Stafford Court and his name frequently appears in county records as an administrator of estates.  His reputation for honesty and integrity was well known in the county.  Known also for his meticulous record keeping, George often maintained two copies of the official documents he produced.  Many of the records on file in the courthouse were destroyed during the War Between the States and George’s personal copies, many of which survive, provide some of the only information available for that time period.