Figure of the Week

Edgar Howard Randall

Born 1853 - Died 1919

Edgar H. Randall was the son of Aquilla Randall (c.1816-1900:1910) who had moved to Stafford County, Virginia from Maryland. Edgar was a carpenter as well as a surveyor. He also served as principal of Ebenezer School in Garrisonville (closed c.1890). Waller S. Gill (1871-1947) was his assistant at the school. From 1886 through 1918, Edgar H. Randall served as Surveyor of Stafford County. He married Sudie V. Gill (1857-1946) and lived in the white frame house at 1202 Mountain View Road (Route 627) just east of Byram’s Market. Both Edgar and Sudie are buried at the old Ebenezer Methodist Church cemetery near Onville. During the mid-eighteenth century, the Accokeek Iron Company mined iron ore from various places in the Mountain View area. A large mine pit survives in the woods behind E. H. Randall’s house.