Figure of the Week

Charles Sterne

Born 1756 - Died 1818

Charles Sterne (1756-1818) was the son of Francis Sterne (c.1729-1804) and was born in Stafford County, Virginia.  This branch of the Sterne family had land on the north side of Stefaniga Road (Route 648) and between that and the western side of Mountain View High School.  This farm was later called Pilgrim’s Retreat and part of it is now Hunter’s Pond subdivision.  Around 1789 he married Susannah Waller (1762-1834), the daughter of John Waller (1732-1753) and Mary Matthews of Stafford County.  Charles Sterne and his family removed to Pendleton County, Kentucky.  During the American Revolution, Charles served as a sergeant in the Continental Line.