Figure of the Week

Capt. John Wesley Knight

Born 1846 - Died 1937

John Wesley Knight (1846-1937) was the son of Lewis K. Knight (c.1820-1893) and Roberta Garrison (c.1818-c.1905) of Stafford and was generally known as Capt. Wesley Knight.  Although he was of age to have served during the War Between the States, there’s no evidence he did so.  Uninterested in farming, as a young boy he took a job as a cook on the schooner Ipsawasson, which was then engaged in hauling cordwood.  Eventually, he owned several sailing and steam vessels and conducted a large timber business.  He shipped vast quantities of lumber, cordwood, and railroad ties out of Coal Landing on Aquia Creek where he also had a store.  His partner in the timber business was his brother, Uriah Knight (1853-1914).  Wesley married Betty Colvin (1858-1914).  He did well with his business efforts and was one of the few people in Stafford who had enough money to be required to pay income taxes when that was first instituted.  Part of his farm is now Greenwood subdivision between Olde Concord Road (Route 721) and Coal Landing Road (Route 631).