Figure of the Week

Asbury Watson Evans

Born 1836 - Died 1910

Asbury Watson Evans (1836-1910) was the son of John R. Evans (c.1799-1873) and was born in Charles County, Maryland.  He lived near Onville in Stafford County, Virginia.  During the War Between the States, Asbury served with the 9th Virginia Cavalry.  In May of 1900, the Stafford Court approved his application for a $15 pension for his Confederate service.  Asbury W. Evans was a member of Ebenezer Methodist Church in Onville and was the brother of John A. Evans (1832-1921) of Stafford.  Asbury’s daughter, Miss Hettie Evans (1876-1955), was postmistress at Onville Post Office in Stafford.  Asbury was very involved in Stafford County affairs.  In 1869, he was a Commissioner of the Roads in the county.  He served as a trustee for the Aquia School District and was Superintendent of the Poor in 1883.  In 1888 Asbury was Deputy Treasurer for Stafford County.