Progressive Era to New Era Anne E. Moncure

Anne E. Moncure

Anne E. Moncure (1895-1984)—the daughter of Robert Ambler Moncure (1864-1923) and Agnes Waller (1864-1951) of Stafford. “Miss Anne E.” began her teaching career in 1921 at what is now the office of the Stafford County School Board. Her first class of first graders contained 65 children from age 6 to teenagers. Over the years she was a teacher, administrator, and Superintendent of Elementary Education, this latter position including schools in both Stafford and King George counties. As Superintendent, Miss Anne E. gathered a collection of books and carried them from school to school in a large station wagon; there were no school libraries. Children were able to borrow books from the collection and exchange them the next time she came by their school. She retired in 1960 and Anne E. Moncure Elementary School in Garrisonville was named in her honor. Miss Moncure’s farm is now the site of Aquia Town Center on U. S. Route 1.

Anne E. Moncure and family
Anne E. Moncure as a child
Anne E. Moncure in line at automobile
Anne E. Moncure (older)