Colonial Settlement Brent Family Numbers Grow at Brent's Point

Numbers Grow at Brent's Point

Sisters Margaret and Mary left Maryland and joined Giles (I) and his wife. The sisters resided at “Peace” and the Brents built another house at Brent’s Point and named it “Retirement.” They traded with the Indians, no doubt aided by Mary (Kittamaqund) Brent’s linguistic skills and cultural knowledge. They preserved the peace, maintained their way-station, and patented Northern Neck lands.

Unfortunately, Mary Brent (Kittamaqund) soon died, leaving their three children, Richard, Giles (II) and Mary (II), who by Indian law, inherited her Maryland lands. As he had done when he married Kittamaqund, Giles (I) unsuccessfully laid claim to most of Maryland in his daughter’s name.